Amolaris Private Garden Chalets & Residence


Amolaris Private Garden Chalets & Residence
Kaserer family
Schanzenstraße 31
I-39021 Goldrain
+39 0473742057

Space for a new vacation feeling.

Exclusive and carefree to a sustainable well-being.

People in search of tranquility, a place of strength and retreat will find a true gem in Goldrain, at the foot of the Silfser Joch National Park. The Amolaris, once the “Ober- mühle zu Schanzen”, rests as a cozy retreat with a sensual, powerful aura at the entrance to the Mar- telltal valley. Created for moments of purity and intensity.
Next to the main house, where the Kaserer family has been welcoming guests for more than 50 years, a well-kept garden landscape opens up to the visitor today, in which – light and elegant, in accordance with the natural conditions – eight independent, ground-level, exclusive wellness chalets for two persons each, a natural bathing pond and a lounge with reception have been grouped together.

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Amolaris Private Garden Chalets & Residence